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Home is Where the Heart Is…
  • Posted Oct 24, 2013
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Accompanying someone on their travels is the clearly the most popular choice on MissTravel. However, many members wonder when the appropriate time is to invite another to their hometown. Given that hometown trips generally reveal more intimate details, a certain level of trust has to first be established. Here are some telltale signs to determine whether “Come To Me” is an ideal choice:

Invite to Your Hometown When…

  1. He/she is genuinely interested in knowing you, and not using you for your location.
  2. Her profile bio includes low-maintenance keywords: adventurous, easygoing, open-minded, etc. You should never feel like a babysitter when introducing her to your home.
  3. You have already gone on a trip together. This will truly gauge your date’s travel-habits, as well as your chemistry together.
  4. You have already established boundaries and expectations with your date.
  5. You have conducted a background check through the site, as well as a general Google search.

Do Not Invite to Your Hometown When…

  1. He/she first asks to visit your hometown. You should always initiate this conversation once you are comfortable.
  2. Your relationship will not evolve past platonic. Your hometown is a very intimate location…it should only be offered to dates with the most potential.
  3. They prioritize your location over getting to know you better. You can gauge this by reading her bio and your conversations together.
  4. He/she avoids video chatting and will only speak via e-mail or phone.
  5. You do not have an itinerary already planned. A travel-date without a plan will not maximize your potential to create romance.


What are some other ways to determine whether you should invite them to your hometown?

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