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Go North, My Friend: Friendly Camping Spots in Canada
  • Posted Jan 9, 2017
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You’re headed into the great north, and while there’s majestic land all around, you need a set destination.  Those who head into Canada to go camping and enjoy related activities have a lot of choices.  Here are a number of sites that are friendly and provide fantastic views.

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

The West Coast Trail has a lot to offer – caves, rainforests, and waterfalls.  It’s a great site for those who like to couple exercise with fantastic water views.  However, the hikes are not for beginners, so be wary of who you take and chosen paths.  The park is separated into three regions, so there is a little something for all nature lovers.

Grasslands National Park

You can hear the sound of silence at Grasslands.  The site attracts those who want peace and quiet while camping.  Along with reclusive campers, the site is a spot for those who like eco tours, seeking fossils, and wagon tours.  The national park beholds a bit of history but the real value is in the experience of spending quality time on the land.

St. Martins

The seaside town is incredibly quaint and attracts visitors for food and lodging.  However, those who are camping come for the caverns, which can only be explored during low tide.  The site is great for those who are not afraid to explore caves while the tide steadily rushes in.  Take a unique picture from one of two covered bridges from the inside of your car. If you are looking to change your old jalopy and are considering a car for family friendly adventures, check out the Jeep Patriot, a car that will give you confidence taking your family into lesser travelled trails.

Turtle Mountain Provincial Park

The park is busy with critters, hikers, bikers, and more.  The array of possible activities and expanse of beautiful land makes Turtle Mountain an attraction for families and large groups.  Furthermore, the International Peace Garden is not far.  The peak time to see flowers is July and August, yet the garden is open all year.

Sandbanks Provincial Park

The name says it all.  Here, you’ll find a variety of dunes and sand beaches.  What keeps visitors busy?  You’ll find people wind sailing, boating, and popping in and out of wineries.  This spot is great for a day trip but you’ll find it common for people to make theirs an extended stay.  Bird watchers may want to give the spring and fall season a look to catch a gander of rare and native birds.

Killarney Provincial Park

Killarney is the kind of destination that attracts artists, spiritualists, and nature lovers.  It offers a wide range of trails and is a go-to destination for skiing in the winter months.  It has over 50 lakes within its 645 kilometre vicinity.  The historic town village was founded as a fur trading spot in 1820.

Forllion National Park

It is the first national park of Quebec and offers diverse landscape including pebbled beaches and thick forests.  While hikers are used to keeping their eyes inland, those who venture around Forllion will want to look towards the sea to catch a glimpse of nearby seals and whales.  Hikers exchange hiking shoes for flippers and a snorkel while along the water line.

What are your favorite hot spots in Canada?

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