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Getting Busy on NYE – Top Public Hookup Spots Revealed
  • Posted Dec 4, 2015
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So you’ve landed the perfect midnight kiss and sparks are flying! The chemistry’s there, things are really starting to heat up and you find yourself considering the nearby coat closet as the perfect discreet location for a little spontaneous hookup. Would you do it?

If you answered yes, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

We turned to our members to give us the skinny on just how many of you have hooked up in public spaces on New Year’s Eve and where it was all taking place. Over 50,000 of you answered our call and nearly half of you admitted to have taken part in some public displays of affection and most of you were headed straight to a nearby restroom.

Other popular spots included balconies, stairwells and hallways. Rounding out the list were elevators, giving couples the opportunity for a quick chance at some hot and steamy action á la 50 Shades of Grey.


Top Seven New Year’s Eve Hookup Spots – Based on survey of 57,652 singles

Rank – Location – Percentage

1 – Public Restroom – 35%

2 – Stairwell – 26%

3 – Balcony – 13%

4 – Taxi – 10%

5 – Elevator – 8%

6 – Hallway – 5%

7 – Coat Closet – 3%


So tell us, where’s your most risque hookup taken place?

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