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Three Rules of Destination Dating on MissTravel
  • Posted Sep 11, 2013
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Destination-dating is not only a unique concept. It is all together strange for those who have not tried it. It can be daunting. But, any aspiring travel girl (or guy!) who educates themselves properly can reap the luxurious and fun benefits while staying safe. Here are a few essential tips brought to you by MissTravel.com to help navigate the site, and destination-dating.

Rule #1  Start Small

First offer is a 5-day trip to Aruba? Any girl would have bags packed and weighted within the hour. But, new comers should think about starting small. Not location-wise, but the number of days. Become familiarized with your potential travel buddy first during a shorter trip before committing.

Rule #2 Research, research, research

Research the city or place you are visiting to know what you might be interested in. Nothing is worse than a travel buddy with a saying, “I don’t know”. Research your travel companion. MissTravel.com offers background checks on the site, but there are also other services out there (some are free) that help you screen new prospects.  Research the weather. Sound typical? Many girls miss this especially when visiting a tropical or beach destination. Be prepared—rain or shine!

Rule #3 Confirm Everything

This is an important safety and financial tip. Make sure that your potential travel buddy booked the promised separate room by calling the hotel. Most importantly, agree and confirm that regardless how the date goes, you have a return ticket home in hand.

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Do you use any of these rules already?

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    I like the advice that u guys put in , i will abide by them and , so I will give things, well I hope that

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