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Festival Essentials
  • Posted Mar 22, 2016
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Spring is here and the change of season brings with it long-awaited musical festivals. Whether you’re prepping for your first 3-day outdoor experience, or you’re a festival veteran, it’s always helpful to see what others recommend when planning the trip. Doing a little bit of research before hand will ensure that your festival experience will be everything you’ve been waiting for.


If you aren’t the camping type of festival-goer, you’d better do some early planning to find a convenient hotel! In certain destinations hotel rooms can sell out up to six months in advance and charge outrageous rates as space becomes more limited. Keep in mind that there can be a lot of dropped reservations as the event draws near,if planning ahead isn’t your thing.


Getting to and from a festival can be a nightmare, but it’s to be expected. Uber and Lyft will be out in full force the weekend of the event, but expect surge pricing. If the group has a designated driver, that’s cool too! Make sure to drop a pin so you can easily find your parking spot later.


This may seem like a no-brainer but can easily be forgotten. Oftentimes the days with nice, breezy weather will leave the worst sunburns because you can’t easily feel the sun burning your skin. A wide brim hat would be a cute addition to any outfit and is great for keeping your face safe from the sun. Don’t forget to reapply!

Fanny Pack / Purse / Backpack

What you carry with you all day can make or break your experience. Chapstick is a must, your wallet (duh!), a travel-pack of Kleenex for your bathroom breaks, plus hand sanitizer, and a portable phone charger. A pack of baby wipes is also helpful if you hate to feel sticky and sweaty throughout the event.

Festival season can be a great time if you go into it prepared and ready for some fun! You’ll make lifelong memories seeing your favorite bands, discovering new music, and meeting new people from around the world. Don’t forget to take the MissTravel app with you!

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