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Etiquette For The Snowy Slopes
  • Posted Dec 17, 2014
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Ski and snowboard season is in full effect! The powder is fresh, the air is crisp, and ski lodges are filled with the aroma of peppermint hot chocolate. Before bundling up and grabbing your favorite equipment, there are a few things you may want to consider. Proper ski etiquette is important to keep in mind before riding the slopes.

Dress Appropriately

Winter fashion can be quite stylish. Who doesn’t like fuzzy scarves and long winter coats? Actually, you’d be surprised how many people despise dressing for the cold. The excessive need for layering and covering up can be a pain, but your limbs will pay the ultimate price if you choose to dress a little too revealing.

It’s important to dress in clothes that are intended to keep you warm. Outdoor sports do not warrant a fashion show, and quite frankly no one is in search of skimpy outfits on the mountain. If anything, you will just look like a fool. So forget the thin cutesy clothing, and leave your Louboutin’s at home. Snow-capped mountains are guaranteed to be cold, and frost bite is a very real thing.

If you absolutely must answer the calling of fashion, go with something more tasteful like a full-body jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are perfect for skiing when paired with a snug layer of thermals underneath. It is critical to keep your ears, fingers, and toes warm as well. Earmuffs and beanies work great for the ears; insulated socks and gloves work wonders for the hands and feet.

Safety First

Skiing and snowboarding are loads of fun, but you must take precautions for not only yourself, but the safety of others as well. Numerous ski-related accidents and fatalities occur each year. Most incidents can totally be prevented, don’t let the desire for an adrenaline rush take over your higher thought processes.

It’s important to learn how to properly use ski equipment. Never wave ski poles around— those things can poke an eye out! And always be sure to secure your boots into your skis or board before riding down the mountain. This alone will prevent many tragic accidents from occurring.

Although it may be tempting to explore on your own, it is vital to remember the buddy system. Never veer off alone. This shouldn’t be an issue if your ski trip is a romantic getaway, stick close to your special someone.

Always be mindful of those around you, especially young children. Watch your speed, and stay in control. It’s not a video game so you will not receive points for knocking people down. Do your part to avoid collisions. If you need a break, or time to readjust, be sure to go off to the side. Please don’t just plop down in the middle of the run—it might end ugly. 

Know Your Limits

Never be afraid to take lessons if they are needed. You will not become an Olympian overnight, it certainly takes practice. There are plenty of instructors on the mountain who would be more than willing to help. Remember, this sport is a lot harder than it looks, so don’t feel intimidated.

Gradually work to improve your skills on the snow, and stick within your own comfort zone. Don’t go quicker or steeper than you’re ready for, because accidents do happen. There is no shame in riding it out on the bunny slope.

Common sense should always apply, despite your curiosity, do not cross any “no trespassing” or “keep out” signs. They are not placed merely for decoration. Please stay on the designated ski trail. A missing persons report could really kill the joy of a ski trip.

Do not hit the slopes under the influence. You wouldn’t drink and drive, so why would you attempt to ski or snowboard after drinking? Liquor can definitely help warm you up, but hot chocolate works just as well. Save drinks for the cabin, as always drink responsibly.

The Snow Won’t Last Forever

For you non-winter lovers, fret not. The warm weather will return soon enough. until then, get out and enjoy the winter bliss. Stick to our ski safety rules and you’re sure to craft true winter memories.

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