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The Ease of Travel
  • Posted May 17, 2016
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There are plenty of articles out there about travel hacking by saving space in your suitcase and purchasing airline tickets on a specific day of the week. Travel hacks are great, but eventually a traveler must make their own comfort the main priority. MissTravel has compiled a list of tips to ease the sometimes stressful process of frequent flying.

TSA Pre-check / Global Entry

TSA pre-check is an $85 domestic travel simplifier. The service requires light paperwork and expedites members through security lines. Travelers with TSA pre-check do not have to remove belts, shoes, or accessories.

A program fit for the international traveler, Global Entry provides expedited clearance for pre-approved, low risk travelers upon arrival in the United States. The service is $100 for a lifetime of membership.

Airport Lounge Membership

Airport lounges like the United Club, or membership clubs like Priority Pass are an excellent way to relax amidst a long day of international travel. Many of these exclusive lounges offer discounted or complimentary beer and wine, free wifi, and the ease of being away from the masses.

Upgrade to Exit Row

While first class may be ideal, often times it’s difficult to justify the price for a domestic flight. Opt for the exit row, which is typically between a $15 and $30 surcharge. Although exit row seats do not typically recline, they do offer additional legroom and the assurance of comfortability.

Airline Apps

Most major airlines have apps compatible with Apple and Android products. While it may seem like an incredible waste of data capacity, airline apps will be the first to update with delays, gate changes, and most importantly – boarding passes. Expert tip? Create an account on each app, download app (with wifi) prior to departure, delete upon arrival.

Free International Calls

Wifi is all you need in order to connect (for free) with someone millions of miles away! Apps and services like Skype, WhatsApp, and Google Voice are an excellent way to call that someone special without paying the price of an international plan.

What pro-tips do you employ to ensure ease of travel?

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    exit row is great, also like picking a seat near the front of the plane so can get off quickly

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