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EarthDate Activities
  • Posted Apr 22, 2015
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Earth Day started in the 1970’s as a way to raise awareness of environmental deterioration. Activists came together in demonstrations all over the United Statesto push for conservation and to increase measures to protect the environment.

While you may not be joining a protest against fracking or picketing in front of Monsanto, there are plenty of other ways to celebrate being green. Many Earth Day activities can even be used as an excuse for romance.

Take a Hike

There are thousands of state and national parks within the United States. These nature reserves are areas protected and preserved by either federal or state governments. One of the greatest triumphs of environmental conservation, there’s no better way to celebrate Earth Day than by heading to one of these parks and surrounding yourself with the wonders of nature. So grab your date’s hand and explore the great outdoors!

Clean Up

Get down and dirty with that special someone by volunteering at a neighborhood cleanup day. Plenty of communities organize street sweeping or trash pickup days. If you can’t find a scheduled event, you can get even closer to your date by organizing your own.

Plant a Garden

Instead of giving your date a bouquet of roses, why not get together to plant a garden? These flowers won’t just last longer, they’ll also benefit the environment. Commemorate the day by snapping a few pics for a cute Instagram-worthy moment.

Shop Local

Enjoy an afternoon stroll at a farmer’s market. Large scale agriculture is one of the greatest contributors to pollution. In addition to the use of pollutants such as pesticides, food from these farms have to be shipped thousands of miles before it can reach your plate, burning large amounts of fossil fuels. Locally grown produce is often farmed using more sustainable methods and since it doesn’t have to travel so far, it is much fresher once it reaches your plate.

Bonus – Dinner by Candlelight

Do it in the dark. For an hour or two, unplug, shut off the lights, and plan a candlelit dinner for that special someone. You’ll save energy and score points for romance.

Try your hand at these activities to nab that eco-friendly cutie.

What are your favorite eco-friendly dates?

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