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Destination: Delayed – America’s 8 Worst Airports to Get Stuck In
  • Posted Jan 8, 2014
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Jet-setting across the country is a glamorous idea. But the reality of traveling to faraway destinations during winter likely means hours spent in wayward airports. Between removing my Steve Madden boots to shove them through a dirty scanner and the overpriced Frappuccinos, the airport is never an ideal place to be stranded.

Crippled by the cold and grounded with terminal-loitering zombies is a forsaken feeling for the modern tourist. We asked MissTravel users to rank America’s most awful airports based on amenities, cleanliness, entertainment, and shopping. So step over the undesirables sprawled across the floor and keep personal belongings with you at all times as we reveal MissTravel.com’s list of “America’s 8 Worst Airports to Get Stuck In.”

worst airports to get stuck in

8. Los Angeles International Airport

After battling infamous L.A. traffic detours and left dizzy from the Mario Kart-esque roundabout, we find Los Angeles’s understaffed downtown gem. Here, five hour layovers are never long enough to catch a connecting flight, and the dilapidated walls have the charm of a Canadian crackhouse. LAX is the perfect example of everything a major airport should not be.

worst airports to get stuck in

7. John F. Kennedy International Airport

If you love endless renovations and sullen TSA agents, look no further than our number seven spot! This mess of loose ceiling tiles and unkempt bathrooms is our nation’s largest international hub, so you can count on clusters of extended families standing obliviously in walkways. Also be prepared to survive with no WiFi and absolutely no power outlets for the duration of your visit to JFK.

worst airports to get stuck in

6. Newark Liberty International Airport

Perhaps JFK isn’t your stop, and your flight takes you to neighboring Newark Airport in New Jersey. After a pre-security run in with disease ridden pigeons, the series of Escherian escalators will leave you completely disoriented. Paying $15 for a tuna sandwich will be the high point in your stay at Newark Liberty after the not-so-random security check. Do they really think I would wear Manolo Blahniks for an act of terror?

worst airports to get stuck in

5. Logan International Airport in Boston

Traffic conditions surrounding Logan are abysmal, so leave early and expect the average cab fares to be outrageous. Once inside, you can get Dunkin Donuts, Dunkin Donuts, or for those who don’t like watered down coffee and empty carbs: Dunkin Donuts. Let’s hope you aren’t traveling at night, because all airport shops and restaurants close conveniently at five pm.

worst airports to get stuck in

4. Philadelphia International Airport

Should you be so unfortunate as to locate this dump in the backwoods of Pennsylvania, don’t expect to park your car. The lot is consistently full because the souls who enter never leave. Passengers are made to ride on busses for gate access, and potentially wait on these rolling death traps while the congested runway is cleared. Hopefully you like Chick-fil-A, which is most exquisite dining you’ll find at Philadelphia International.

worst airports to get stuck in

3. Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

Southern hospitality is nowhere to be found navigating through ATL’s massive network of terminals and gates. But at least you can find a variety of fried foods at your beckon call. Complete with zero moving walkways and “lounges” that resemble smoke-filled hotboxes, at Hartsfield-Jackson you have a 100% chance of paying $7 for WiFi and an 83% chance of taking off on time.

worst airports to get stuck in

2. LaGuardia Airport in New York

Take a step back in time, and fly from LaGuardia! Their outdated facilities make this dimly lit wasteland a perfect place for vermin and fowl to nest. Once you discover the lack of food options, you will also find a shortage of seating. It’s no surprise this less-cool cousin of JFK secured second place in our list.

worst airports to get stuck in

1. Washington Dulles International Airport

Coming in as the number one most unfortunate airport in America, and boasting a two star Yelp rating is Washington Dulles. Passengers have reported seeing rats in baggage claim, and being reincarnated five times while waiting for their belongings to appear on the jam-packed carousel. Poorly servicing nearly 23 million dreary travelers annually, Dulles makes it possible to wait on the tarmac for an hour and enjoy cold Auntie Anne’s parmesan pretzel bites AT THE SAME TIME.

Maybe your sophisticated European vacation will go off without a hitch, but if you hit a snag due to weather delays, pray to avoid the torture of these airports.

Do you have any yucky airport stories to share?

3 Responses to “Destination: Delayed – America’s 8 Worst Airports to Get Stuck In”

  1. GODsGift says:

    Minresota Airport is no place to be stuck either. Your left cold with little to no customer service and everything is closed except subway Bon Appetit!!!

  2. Marianne Luxmore says:

    Having gone through ATL (Atlanta), IAD (Dulles), JFK (NY) and LAX (LA) multiple times, I would agree that they are not the nicest places in the world to hang around – especially when comparing to award-winning airports overseas. However, I would say that in the end the airports are not that bad: one simply has to brace them with the right attitude. Be graceful to the over-stressed fellow passengers and staff, try to enjoy the circus and be safe with a good travel insurance. Despite all the inconveniences, it must say that it is still great to travel all the time. One advice to airport concession holders: remove the carpeted floods still present in some concourses and improve the ventilation. An airy feel will help a lot.

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