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Destination Dating: Taylor & Harry in London
  • Posted Dec 17, 2012
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Until April 2012, when MissTravel enlightened us all with the possibility of travel-dating, celebrities were the only ones enjoying themselves on destination dates to places like Barbados, Cabo and Belize. But celebrities are not the only privileged few who reap the benefits of wealth, luxury and private jets. In fact, 19% of generous members on this site have access to a private jet, and all they are missing, is someone to come along for the ride. Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have been in the news recently, as photos and a recount of their trip abroad to London, have emerged on the Internet. The pretty, country songbird generously flew her rumored boy band-beau to London on her private jet.


Taylor and Harry have been seen all over London, as Harry took her by the hand and showed her his town. The couple just recently started dating, and like many members on MissTravel, spent a few days getting to know each other on destination dates in New York City, and most recently London. Dating someone who lives on another continent, is hard, but having access to a private jet sure makes it a bit easier. I see many more destination dates in Taylor and Harry’s future.

If celebrities can date this way, why can’t mere mortals?

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