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Destination Dating In The Fall
  • Posted Nov 8, 2012
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For some people, Fall is marked by fallen leaves, tailgating, football games, pumpkin flavored everything and colder weather. But it could also mean 80 degrees versus 100 degrees if you’re in Vegas, or less people on the beach if you’re in Miami. Whether your climate enjoys a quintessential Autumn season or not, everybody seems to welcome Fall with open arms. Autumn is a gateway season, a bridge between the hot summer nights and the cold holiday weekends. It’s not too late to enjoy the season before all the leaves have fallen and the snow is on the ground. Here are some great date ideas for your Fall vacation..

Picnic in the Forest

Grab your scarf, and head to the forest with a picnic basket in hand. Sip champagne, or hot cider from a thermos while taking in the gorgeous display of colors that only nature can provide. Grab your travel companion’s hand and take hike, with the sound of fallen leaves crumpling beneath your feet as your soundtrack.

Wine Stomping & Syrup Tapping,

Nothing is more romantic than getting a little dirty together! Some of the best bonding moments occur while working towards something. Doesn’t everything taste much better when it’s earned?

Fall Festivals & Oktoberfest

Every great town has some kind of Autumn, Fall or Harvest related Festival, which usually make for great people watching, good food and merriment. Strike up a little competition playing carnival games, or just enjoy each other’s company while chowing down on the local cuisine. Better yet, check out one of the dozens of Oktoberfests all over the U.S. for some beer, milk maids and German delicacies. That is, if you can’t make it to the real deal over in Germany.



Not every woman appreciates America’s favorite sport like a man does, but most Saturday and Sunday in America you will be hard pressed to find a man who doesn’t have football on his mind between the months of September and December. Whether it’s a college or professional football game, the energy inside the stadium is completely contagious. Give your travel companion the full experience by taking her tailgating before the game, and celebrating after with a few other fans.



If Fall isn’t your thing, it will be over before you know it. But don’t forget,  it can also be one of the best times to travel. Unless of course you were trying to do so last week


Happy Travels!


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  2. Alexis says:

    The picnic in the woods is a great idea! Im really close to the mountains, so that would be a fun, easy date!

  3. Sophia says:

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