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Destination Dating: Bahamas Part II
  • Posted Nov 19, 2012
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Destination Dating: Bahamas Part II

Read PART I of Haley & Justin’s Destination Date Here.

Armed with a teddy bear, Justin greeted Haley in baggage claim, pulling her into a friendly hug. A true gentleman, he offered to carry her bags and led her to an awaiting taxi. Justin had booked two hotel rooms at the Grand Lucayan Resort, situated right on the beach, creating the perfect backdrop for a destination date. Over the course of their four day travel-date, Justin and Haley spent many hours frolicking in the ocean, playing life size chess, swimming with dolphins, riding jet skis around the island and drinking Bahama Mamas on the beach. By day three, Justin had all but forgotten why he had come to the Bahamas in the first place, electing to spend as much time with Haley as possible.

“Pool was the last thing on my mind after I laid eyes on Haley,” vows Justin. “She is such a sweetheart and we just had so much fun together. Let’s just say that my concentration was off, so I didn’t get as far in the tournament as I expected to.”

Justin and Haley’s destination date had no shortage of romance. They shared their first kiss on the boat ride back from swimming with dolphins. Later, they danced to a local band and napped together in a hammock under the stars. “There were so many moments that just seemed surreal to me,” remarks Haley. “I fell out of the hammock earlier, and I honestly felt like I was living in a romantic comedy. It’s so incredibly beautiful here that I’m finding it nearly impossible not to fall in love.”

“I live in a small town, so I don’t meet a lot of new people,” explains Justin. “But I didn’t really want to come here alone, so I decided to look elsewhere and ended up on MissTravel. Like any first date I was hoping there would be chemistry, that things would progress romantically over the course of the trip. But I never expected our relationship to progress as rapidly as it did. By day two it really felt like we were a couple, and by the time we left, we were sad to go home to separate states.”

But that wasn’t the last Haley and Justin saw of each other. In the eight weeks since they met they have spent all but one weekend together. A few weeks ago Haley took Justin home to meet her family, and Justin recently introduced Haley to his six year old daughter. The two have been slowly making plans to make their long distance relationship into a same-city relationship.

Inside Edition was there to capture the beginning of Haley & Justin’s love story. Watch them fall for each other in the beautiful Grand Lucaya, in the Bahamas.

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