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Dating Abroad & The Military
  • Posted Nov 14, 2012
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We live in a wonderful country thanks to the many brave men who fought for our freedom, and those who choose to risk their lives protecting it every day. The freedom to travel freely in and out of this country is one of those freedoms that we, at MissTravel, are so thankful to have. Without that freedom, we wouldn’t have a reason to match the single traveler with a travel companion at all. So today, we wanted to celebrate the men who not only fight for us, but who are forced to find love in a hopeless place, by online dating while deployed.


Over 3000 MissTravel members are registered members of the military. While some of them are on leave or not on active duty, the majority on our site are single and deployed. MissTravel.com is the perfect place to find a travel companion to accompany a soldier during R&R. Many soldiers spend their R&R in destinations like Thailand, Dubai, Fiji and Athens, which are some of our attractive members’ most desired destinations to travel to. We can’t think of a better way to spend your R&R than to fall in love.  Here is a member testimonial from a woman who fell in love with a soldier while dating abroad:

I met a man from MissTravel in Miami. He flew me down from Nashville, Tennessee. He picked me up at the airport, and it was instant attraction! I have NEVER been treated so special in all my life! I literally felt like a queen. We spent numerous hours on the beach and at the pool. He scheduled a couples massage for us and purchased a couple of the items for me. He then took me shopping on Lincoln Road. I was so amazed that he was so eager and excited to buy things for me! We were together from Thursday evening through Tuesday afternoon. We spent every minute getting to know each other. Towards the end of the trip we began planning for our next! We have talked every day before and after our trip. We are even talking about taking the next step, marriage! I can honestly say I have found my soul mate! He is in Afghanistan until December, and we plan to become engaged. Thank you MissTravel!

– Ally

We know we are a few days late, but don’t forget to thank a veteran this week. No matter what your dream is, someone else is fighting to protect it. Happy Veteran’s Day!


4 Responses to “Dating Abroad & The Military”

  1. Lory says:

    Happy Veteran´s day!

  2. spio sabah says:

    Hi am single and ready for anyone who will love to be friend. Thank you..

  3. Alice says:

    I am single and ready to work something out with someone serious too..


    I feel attracted to military men. Travel would like to receive proposals of no more than 7-10 days in some destinations like U.S., Europe, Caribbean, Latin, safe places with 5 star hotels that are dreamy

    ‘m Argentina, with part time work schedule that allows me to travel. I hope your proposal and if it is interesting and safe, no hesitation in accepting the invitation. I am using a translator because I speak Spanish and a little Italian English.

    My respects to the military gentlemen FROM ARGENTINA

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