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The City That Never Sleeps
  • Posted Feb 7, 2017
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Whether you’re travelling on a date, with a partner, or looking for adventure, there are few cities in the world with more romantic potential than New York.

Packed with things to do for all tastes, it’s a great city to discover together or to meet someone new. And because the nightowl culture is so rich, the romance needn’t stop at the stroke of midnight: this is not a city of Cinderellas! Every element is in place for a long evening and a tender morning in the Big Apple. Let’s take a look at some of the potential ingredients for your romantic all-nighter in the city.


Nothing is sexier than a shared sense of humor. Finding yourself in the audience of iconic late night show host Seth Meyers is the perfect way to get those funny bones warmed up. Get hold of a free ticket online, and head there for 17.30 to see the show recorded just hours ahead of transmission – the glamour, and the giggles, will get you in the mood for the long night ahead.


Your taste in art is likely difficult to describe in words. Make your way to the Brooklyn Museum, which stays open until 11pm on the first Saturday of each month, and you can let the pictures do the talking. A combination of classic and contemporary American art and dedicated Egyptian and African collections means you’re sure to find something to inspire you. And when you find yourself rooted to the spot, fascinated by the same artwork as the guy next to you, you’ll know there’s a connection being made.


Yes, even in the big city it’s possible to get a glimpse of nature on a Saturday night! Visit the rooftop organic farm at Brooklyn Grange and you can participate in eco-workshops or even take a yoga class. A healthy, active option for those to whom self-care and love for the planet go hand-in-hand.


You don’t have to splash your cash to show you care. The Brooklyn Bazaar is less an old-school marketplace than a contemporary social venue: the wares on show are original and inventive, and the bustle of the market is enriched by the smell of freshly cooked food and the sound of music from the DJs. If you happen to spot the perfect gift, it can only complete an already near-perfect experience.


At just $8 to enter, The Nuyorican Poets Café is a buzzing hub for those inspired by New York’s rich history of struggling poets. Located near 2nd Avenue, you can take in a poetry slam or even step up the mic yourself, though reading a poem dedicated to your companion might be a bit heavy on your first date! The rhythm of words is, all the same, a stirring and traditional joy for a burgeoning romance.

The movies

We all know how romantic the movies can be, but here’s a suggestion with a difference: try the midnight screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Chelsea Cinepolis, and you’ll not only get the bright lights and the classic movie but a full interactive performance from a live troupe of actors. If you’re already a confirmed Rocky Horror aficionado, you’ll know the fun you’re letting yourself in for: if you’re new to the cult classic, give it a go… you never know what might happen!


From five in the evening until four in the morning, Jay-Z’s famous 40/40 Club is open for cocktails, music, good times and celebrity-spotting. Whether you want breathe new life into the concept of going for a drink with your lover, or you’re eager to meet new fun-loving people, the 40/40 Club will make it a night to remember.


Some people don’t feel they’ve been romanced until they’ve been wined and dined at the most expensive restaurant in town. If you’re the type that prefers to keep it real, you’ll find a priceless dining experience at Vaselka, the famous 2nd Avenue Ukrainian diner that is both affordable and unique.

Montage sequence

No new romance is complete without rom-com style high-jinks in a bowling alley! You’ve seen it in the movies… she ends up halfway down the lane laughing drunkenly, he gets the ball stuck on his fingers. Just remember, the fun isn’t in winning, but in taking part!

A romantic stroll

Historic Brooklyn Bridge is beautiful in the moonlight. The nighttime view of the Manhattan skyline will make the perfect backdrop as you grab some fresh air and recollect the amazing night you’ve had. A great moment for a selfie, and maybe a kiss…


Sign up for a Couples Package at the Juvenex Spa in Koreatown and your bodies will each be pampered into relaxation. You’ll be ready to greet the morning rejuvenated and glowing as you emerge massaged, scrubbed and soaked in utter luxury.


Maybe it’ll be your first sunrise with someone you met over the course of the evening; or one to remember with your partner. Either way, the ferry from Manhattan to Staten Island will give you the perfect dawn view of the Statue of Liberty as you drag your weary feet to the hotel.

While there’s no romance in rushing, the pure intensity of a night out in New York can get the heart pumping and the blood racing. For more details on our key tips on where to do so, check out this new infographic – and don’t forget to take a dollar for that street vendor’s red rose!

What is your favorite thing to do when visiting the Big Apple? 


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