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Best Hotels in New York City for Couples
  • Posted Sep 18, 2013
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The choice of hotel can make or break a vacation. Especially when it involves a couple. It’s all comes down to creating the perfect setting that will inspire romance.

Certain hotels, such as the Muse–voted the best hotel for couples by MissTravel.com, have features and amenities that enhance the mood. While others leave travel girls and their guys begging for time alone.

MissTravel.com polled 3,847 travel-daters to determine the best hotels for inspiring romance in New York City. The Muse tops this year’s “Best Couples Hotel” survey, with 41 percent of members saying it provided the most romantic experience.

New York City’s Best Couples Hotel (3,847 Members Surveyed)

  1. The Muse Hotel – 41 Percent

  2. The Greenwich Hotel – 16 Percent

  3. The Library – 13 Percent

  4. Eventi Hotel – 12 Percent

  5. The Chatwal– 10 Percent

           Other – 8 Percent

Wondering what couples need in order to be able to focus on romancing their partner?

What Couples Seek in a Hotel (3,847 Members Surveyed)

  1. Setting/Decor – 57 Percent

  2. Location – 16 Percent

  3. Amenities – 11 Percent

  4. Cleanliness – 8 Percent

  5. Customer Service – 7

  6. Price  – <1 Percent

“The difference between falling in love and falling short is in the hotel’s ability to provide a romantic setting,” say Brandon Wade, Founder and CEO of MissTravel.com. “While lavishness is appreciated, it isn’t necessarily a deciding factor for travel-daters. Our survey shows that most couples favor hotels that help take their mind off the hustle and bustle of a busy city.”

What do you think the most romantic hotel in NYC is?

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