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Be An Expert Traveler Part IV: The Foreign Destination
  • Posted Jun 20, 2013
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Finally! The plane has landed at your destination and you are ready to enjoy the–wait, nothing is in English.

Everyone knows the best vacations are overseas. Unfortunately, not all countries, including the coveted tropical destinations, speak English. The daunting task of navigating through a place where no one can understand what you are saying, can put a damper on anybody’s vacation. You’ve learned how to pack the perfect carry-on luggage, how to deal with jet lag, and even surviving in-flight. Now, as part of our “Be An Expert Traveler” Installments here are a few tips to sharpen your traveling skills when visiting a foreign destinations.

1. Read up on laws and religion

What happened to the separation of church and state? We’re not in Kansas anymore Dorothy. Many foreign countries’ government are still strongly influenced by the church.

2. Blend in with the locals

I know what you’re thinking “Kind of hard if visiting non-Anglo Saxon countries if you’re 5’9, Caucasian, and blonde”. This tip means to dress like them. An outfit that would draw looks of envy on 5th avenue can alienate the locals and, in some places, make you a target for crime.

3. Hire a local guide

We get it. You took 6 years of French and believe that you posses an accent as though you were from the south of France. That doesn’t make you an expert. A guide can not only help you effectively communicate, but also key travelers in on secret hot spots and local dives.

Now that you know, test out your expert traveling skills. Remember, practice makes perfect!

What other tips have you found useful when traveling to a foreign destination?

Have you used any of the above 3 tips?

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