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Be An Expert Traveler Part III: In Flight Tips
  • Posted Apr 16, 2013
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Flying is a tolerable experience at best, but there are somethings you can do before you board to make sure your flight is as bearable as possible. You’ve gotten through security in one piece and still have ample time before boarding, so now you have time to prepare for the flight.


1. The First to Go

Vodka is the beverage of choice on most airlines, and it will be the first drink the run out of. If you love a good cocktail when flying, order as you board so you aren’t left empty handed when the drink cart makes its way around to you.

2. Bring a Pen

If you are flying internationally, bring a pen so you are prepared when they pass out the customs cards. A pen also comes in handy if you tend to make lists of things to do as you are landing and subsequently do not have access to your electronic devices.

3. Be Prepared

No, the airline does not really carry extra supplies just in case a passenger forgets. So if it’s your time of month, bring Tampons, if you are prone to allergies, bring tissues. In fact BYO- chapstick, lotion, diapers, insulin, aspirin, etc.

4. Keep It Simple

Dress appropriately, but comfortably so you aren’t regretting your fashion choices while you try to adjust your self discreetly. Don’t wear a complicated outfit with weird buttons and bulging areas that don’t fit properly. Think clean lines and layers for ideal comfort and style.

5. Hydrate

The best defense against jet lag is hydration. It’s also a great way to stay healthy on the flight with all the dirty air recirculating through the vents and keeps things circulating while sitting stationary for so long.

6. Be Nice to Your Flight Attendants

Yes, it is their job to be nice to you and make sure you have a comfortable flight. But that doesn’t give you a right to treat them poorly if things don’t go according to plan. They only get paid when the doors are closed, and they hate being delayed just as much as you do. Go out of your way to say Hello, Goodbye, Please and Thank You. It’s the least you can do.

What are your best in-flight tips? 

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