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Be an Expert Traveler: Part 1: Carry-on Luggage
  • Posted Mar 13, 2013
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Every girl loves traveling, or at the very least exploring a new destination. Even more, we love shopping for a trip or vacation. Unfortunately these two things come with a negative: packing. We have all been here; as you repack everything on the last day of your trip, the realization of how much you over-packed creeps in.

Look around as you walk through the security clearance gates on your next trip. Notice anything different? Each gate now has signs at each line that has an info graphic of an “Expert Traveler”. That should be you.  But, Rome was not built in a day, so we will take it one blog at a time.

The first part of series is: Carryon Luggage. Here is what you should and shouldn’t pack.

The purse

Gentlemen, please note that when traveling a woman will do one of two things: Bring the smallest purse she owns or one the size of a small backpack.

Prep work: Before packing, empty out the purse completely. Nothing is worse than holding up the security line because you forgot about the tube of lotion or perfume sitting in a hidden pocket. Now it’s time to pack.

Maintaining beauty altitude:  Cabin air and altitude change can wreak havoc on your skin. Remember TSA requires all gels and liquids to be less than 3 oz. and fit into the bag. Take your favorite eye cream and scoop one ounce into an earring backing case. The great thing about eye cream is that it’s all purpose. It can be used for your eyes, face, and lips for moisturizing. Be sure to pack a faint highlighter and mascara. Both of which can be used to make your eyes pop and create the effect of dewy skin.

The Carry-on

This is the bag you refused to pay $50 to check in.

Most women know this as the junk bag, which consists of curling irons, hairspray, lotions, stockings, extra underwear, bikinis, and just about anything else that may sound useless to the male species. Newsflash: You could have saved the effort of dragging this bag around or even the money you spent checking in the other.

Here are a few formulas to stick with to minimize unneeded items:

Underwear: One for each day + one nude thong + one black thong.
Why? The nude and black thongs are back up plans. Some of your new outfits probably haven’t been worn outside of the dressing room under certain lighting. These babies come in handy in the event of a peekaboo dress or skirt.

Bras: One demi + one strapless or convertible bra + one full coverage.
Why? Travel companions should exude class, especially when visiting a foreign place. Nothing is trashier than showing

Bottoms -One skirt + a pair of trousers +jeans + shorts
Dress –Sundress + cocktail dress
Shoes—Black heels + flats + walking shoes
Why? By bringing items that are interchangeable you lessen the load on luggage, while staying chic.

What are other ways you can become an expert traveler?
What are your packing methods?

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    Useful article.I always have a check list before packing, just to make sure I carry all my essentials (such as underwear), without over-packing

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