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Be An Expert Traveler: Bad Weather
  • Posted Sep 25, 2013
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It’s hurricane season and though travel may be cheaper, there is some risk involved when embarking on a travel date.

Nothing like a little rain to put a damper on an island vacation–not! Most vacation spots are designed to allow visitors to enjoy everything Mother Nature has to offer, while shielding travelers from her harsh mood swings as well.

Observe Weather Forecasts

Ok. So, maybe they aren’t always reliable. But an expert traveler should always check in a week before, then three days before you take off regardless of the season. Remember, all that beautiful fawna needs a lot of rain!

Pack for the Good and the Bad

To be an expert traveler you should know that each luggage type serves a purpose.  Your carry-on should contain most of your basic clothing for the trip, while items such as travel documents should be kept in the allotted personal item. Be sure to pack a coat and a water resistant jacket, as it can get cold in even in some of the most tropical destinations.

Research the Hotel

Find out what amenities and clubs the resort offers. In the event of bad weather, or a natural disaster, at least you will be able to pass the time with your travel companion and still enjoy the vacation.

No Complaining

Yes. Yes. It sucks when a fun trip to the Bahamas is interrupted by rain. Stay positive! Keep in mind that there are two of you stuck in that situation.

Have you ever been on a destination date and experience bad weather?

What are other ways to deal with bad weather during a trip?

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