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Baseball Dates: MissTravel’s Favorite Teams to Travel For
  • Posted Apr 12, 2013
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Batter up, it’s baseball season! Not a baseball fan? Two stale jumbo dogs and a cold beer, and you’ll be whistling a different tune. Did you know that 15% of American MissTravel members have been invited to a destination date that involved baseball? In fact, we even had a member send us a photo of her at a Washington Nationals playoff game last Fall, during a destination date. Baseball is America’s favorite past time, and a great first date. But not every town has a team worth traveling to a home game for. Not to mention any names, Detroit Tigers, but some baseball invitations are easy to say no to than others. So which baseball teams are members interested in going the extra mile to see? Well we’ve got a list for that..

Best Baseball Dates Worth Traveling For:

1. San Francisco Giants, AT&T Park

The Giants have made their way back into America’s hearts, winning two World Series in the past three years. This is a team that is worth stopping by for a home game when visiting the city by the bay.

2. Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park

Iconic Fenway Park is a must-see for all die-hard Baseball fans. The 100 year old stadium was home to baseball legends Babe Ruth and Ted Williams, and Boston knows how to have a good time after a win.

3. Atlanta Braves, Turner Field

The Braves are often referred to as America’s team, and have a huge fan base. With Atlanta being a major hub for business and connections, it’s easy to slip in a Braves game when you’re in town.

4. Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field

There are no truer fans than fans of the Chicago Cubs, a cursed team that has not won a world series in over a century. But experiencing a baseball game at Wrigley field is something any baseball fan can appreciate, even if you aren’t root rooting for the Cubbies.

5. New York Yankees, Yankee Stadium

The Yankees are easily one of the most recognized baseball teams in America. Even people who don’t follow baseball could name a few Yankees players and identify the Yankee sign. So it’s no wonder that most people would be down for a Yankees game when visiting New York.

6. Baltimore Orioles, Oriole Park

A surprising addition to our list, the Baltimore Orioles are a fan-favorite among MissTravel ladies and gents. Though they haven’t had much success since Cal Ripken Jr retired, Oriole fans are die-hard loyalists.

7. Texas Rangers, Ranger Ballpark

Everything’s bigger in Texas, and the Rangers are the best of the best. Most Texans stand behind the Rangers as the all-american team and if George W. Bush is a fan, shouldn’t we all be?

8. Los Angeles Dodgers, Dodger Stadium

Dodgers are easily the west coast Yankees, every body’s heard of them and most of their fans are band wagon followers. But a Dodgers game is a great place for celebrity sightings and an easy afternoon in Southern California.

9. Minnesota Twins, Target Field

Well, we’ve already discussed how little sex appeal Minneapolis possesses as a destination, so it’s no surprise that members are choosing a baseball game as a top activity in Minneapolis.

10. Colorado Rockies, Coors Field

Most Rockies fans are older than the team, but Colorado loves their baseball and their fans no how to have a good time. In a stadium sponsored by one of the world’s largest beer companies, how could you not?

Have you been on a destination baseball date? 

What team would you travel to a home game for? 

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