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Around The World in a Week — Maybe Longer
  • Posted Jan 20, 2014
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The hardest part about having a full-time job is finding the time to experience a memorable vacation. Not everyone can save up enough PTO for a month long travel stint. Everyone dreams about saving enough PTO to take a month long break, but usually it is not possible. If you still want to take the trip of a lifetime, don’t worry, we are here to help! Check out some of our vacation ideas, which will help you soar across the globe in 7 days, avoiding pesky layovers or indirect trips.

New York, NY to Shanghai, China

shanghai cityscape

This is ideal if you are leaving the United States and want to try a fun, hip trip for size. Suggested stops are in London and Amsterdam, with a final fun landing in China. This country may not be for everyone, but what New Yorker doesn’t dream of traveling to the real Chinatown instead of the New York City version? What do people in China really eat anyway?

Just think: sexy accents in London, scandalous, risky business in Amsterdam, and amazing food, plus beautiful clothes once landing in Shanghai. Does it get any better than that? This is the perfect trip for the girls, especially during wintertime where the crowds are small, and flights are less expensive .

Note: A straight flight to Shanghai from New York will take about 15 hours, and China is 13 hours ahead of the United States when it comes to the time zone difference. If you are on a 7-day time restraint, you will be running around when it comes to making the most of your vacation. Make sure you bring a pair of sensible shoes so you can fit in as much sightseeing as possible.

Los Angeles, CA to Dubai

sightseeing in dubai

Believe it or not, there is one city that rivals the glitz and glam of Los Angeles, Dubai. Additionally, if you find yourself tired of the smog, fog, and congestion, why wouldn’t you escape to a cleaner environment?

Two stops to make on the way would be in Toronto, Canada and Frankfurt, Germany. It’s time to grab a travel partner and learn a few new languages. We also suggest bringing an extra empty suitcase on the trip because you are certainly going to need it on this vacation. Shopping is plentiful, and of course you cannot forget to pick up a few items for your friends!

Alaska to Argentina


The last trip we discovered online was too amazing not to mention. Alex Chacon not only completed a 500-day motorcycle trek from Alaska to Argentina, but also accomplished something that puts most bucket lists to shame: he hugged lions. So if you wish to find yourself entranced by bold endeavors, get inspired by Alex, and change your life forever!


If you are still stumped when it comes to planning an around the world trip, try visiting SkyTeam. Their software and brainy team will help you plan your dream trip with 3 to 15 stops.

If you have an amazing across the globe vacation you want to discuss, we would love to hear about the journey. Share away!

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