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America’s “Sexiest” National Parks
  • Posted Jul 18, 2013
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Visiting National Parks are in season, so why not add a little “spark” to your trip?

MissTravel conducted a survey that revealed about 1 in 5 people (21%) have done more than just appreciate the scenery when experiencing mother nature. So what exactly is it about the outdoors that makes people give in to such primal urges? The real question is, “Who cares?” I don’t know about you guys, but I am a complete advocate for uninhibited adventure.

Think about it: National Parks provide the most romantic backdrops, there are endless opportunities for privacy, and you leave with a happy ending (pun intended). On second thought, why haven’t more people done this? I digress.

The survey even revealed the top National Parks where the most sexual indiscretions have taken place, based on the input of 8,500 single travelers:

10 Sexiest National Parks in America

1. Zion National Park – Utah
2. Dry Tortugas National Park – Florida
3. Redwood National Park – California
4. Mammoth Cave National Park – Kentucky
5. Arches National Park – Utah
6. American Samoa National Park – American Samoa
7. Biscayne National Park – Florida
8. Big Bend National Park – Texas
9. Congaree National Park – South Carolina
10. Smoky Mountains National Park – Tennessee


Have you/would you ever be this adventurous in a National Park?


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