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Alternative Christmas Destinations
  • Posted Nov 29, 2012
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8 years ago
Alternative Christmas Destinations

Christmas is one of the busiest seasons for travel. Whether it’s visiting family, heading to the mountains, or going on vacation for the holidays, airport terminals will be buzzing with eager travelers.

Most MissTravel members we’ve spoken to have spent one of more Christmas with a travel companion instead of family. Are you curious what other options you have aside from hitting the slopes and snuggling by the fireside? Here are a few Alternative Christmas Destinations that are sure to saturate any travel buddy’s thirst for adventure:

Surf Trip in Australia or New Zealand. For the travel buddy who can’t wait another six months until summer, the Southern Hemisphere is blessed with having Christmas land in the middle of their summer season.

Explore a new culture in Berlin or Puerto Rico. If your travel companion suggests escaping the yearly eggnog and Christmas carols back home. Cruise on over to countries such as Berlin or Puerto Rico, where visitors are able to enjoy the holiday spirit while taking in a whole new culture.

Backpacking in Greece or Bali. Looking to a bit of soul searching before returning to the hustle and bustle of your daily life? Invite your travel buddy to go backpacking in areas such as Greece and Bali. Both have a cornucopia of stories, lessons, and sight seeing sure to distract any over worked traveler in need of a break.

Tune in next Thursday for “part two” of MissTravel.com’s Alternative Christmas Destinations.

What are some of your favorite alternative Christmas destinations? Have you ever gone on vacation with a travel buddy instead of a traditional Christmas?

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