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Airport Style Guide
  • Posted Mar 30, 2015
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Most of us have a love/hate relationship with traveling. While we may love to jet off to a relaxing locale, that passion doesn’t extend to lengthy lines and layovers. To ease the stress of traveling, it is important to keep your look practical and complete. Throw away the velour sweatsuit and Uggs—it’s time to upgrade your travel style.

Start off by selecting a palette to work around. I am more into earth tones; however, many stylish travelers prefer an achromatic ensemble—employing black, grey and white to ensure a finalized look.

Flying tends to swell your body, especially your feet (we’ll get to that in a bit), so lean towards loose, breathable fabric. Ultimately you need to feel comfortable. Mix and match a variety of simplistic pieces, and remember that layering is your friend. That way you have the luxury of changing up your look based on climate and comfortability. Simplicity also means versatility, so think of ways to incorporate some of your airport pieces into your destination styles.

Minimize your accessories. Nine times out of ten, you’ll be asked to remove everything prior to going through security. Go for a few staple jewelry pieces that translate throughout multiple looks and are easy to remove.

Footwear can be a point of hesitation for many, as there is a chance you’ll need to switch into “marathon mode” and sprint through the airport. Select a shoe that offers support and functionality without compromising your final look. I’d recommend selecting something from J.Crew’s Nike Vintage collaboration, as these kicks can be dressed up or down, dependent on the occasion.

The proper tote is essential for any successful traveler; male or female! Even though luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Goyard are popping out oversized, slim strap, travel totes each season—lean towards a bag with more support. Luckily, backpacks have made a comeback in 2015. Try an all-leather book bag to carry your essentials—like this one from Coach.

Think of selecting a fragrance like applying the icing to a cake: you’re not finished without it. Choose a warm, crispy aroma that lasts. Bonus tip? Layer your fragrance with lotion to extend how long your aroma lasts. Check out online fragrance guides like Fragrantica to better understand the notes in your fragrance as well as the frequency with which you should apply it.

What will you be wearing to the airport this travel season?

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