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A Wanderlust Version of Giving Thanks
  • Posted Nov 27, 2013
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First and foremost, can we give thanks to the four day weekend that lies ahead? Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends who have the pleasure of eating turkey tomorrow and sleeping in (or standing in line to shop?) on Friday. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have been on more than a few trips in recent history and would like to mention a few of the things that I’m thankful for.


I’m thankful for beaches.. rain or shine, life always seems a little better by just being in near proximity to the ocean.


I’m thankful for public transportation… while America lacks in this department, I’ve had the pleasure of traipsing across Europe and Australia with the help of trains, busses and ferries. A feat that would not be possible with out a well implemented public transit system.


I’m thankful for wildlife conservation… if people hadn’t thought to protect koalas or rainforests, natural parks, etc… there might not be any left to visit. It’s an incredible feeling to swim above the coral reef and I am so thankful someone fought to protect it.


I’m thankful for coffee… because jet lag can really ruin a vacation with out the assistance of caffeine. Especially if you stayed up your entire flight to take advantage of the free movies and TV available..( not saying that’s what I did or anything).

I’m thankful for free wifi… with out it I probably would have racked up some hefty phone bills along the way. But a girl’s gotta instagram and update her twitter feed right?

I’m thankful for PTO… though we don’t have as much PTO in the U.S. as most of Europe or Australia, I’m grateful for every earned day allotted to me. And also a job that funds my travel habit.

But most of all.. I’m thankful for MissTravel. With out MissTravel, I never would have gotten to go to Cabo, London or the Bahamas.. on someone else’s dime.

Happy Thanksgiving!


What are you most thankful for? (wanderlustly speaking..) 

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