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A Bucket List For Travel Dating
  • Posted Oct 7, 2012
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Paradise means optimal conditions for romance, making even the biggest skeptics susceptible to falling in love on vacation. But it’s going to take more than a change in latitude to get the sparks flying. Every girl dreams of being swept away on an exotic vacation, but they want more than just turquoise waters and pina coladas in the sand. Everyone has a bucket list, and chances are, you will never forget the person you were with when you checked those items off. Here are a few of our members in the middle of their once-in-a-lifetime-check-that-off-my-bucket-list moments.

#1. Swim with the fishes.

#2. Sleep in luxury.

#3. Take in a playoff game.

#4. Take a nap in a postcard.

#5. Fly a plane.

#6. Dance to a local band on an island or in a far away land.

#7. Play life size chess.

#8. To stop dreaming of men with accents, and kiss one already.

Whether your list is filled with romantic scenarios or adrenaline seeking experiences, nothing is as memorable or worthwhile when you are alone. Why wait for your soul mate before jumping out of a plane? Chances are, there is someone on MissTravel who shares the same bucket list entry as you, and is also waiting for the right person to come along, to take the plunge with. Don’t postpone life just because you don’t have any one to share it with. Find a date on MissTravel and don’t let any more PTO days go to waste.

What’s on your list?

Send us your MissTravel trip photos for free membership perks to casting[at]misstravel[dot]com. Inspire others to fall in love with travel.

Happy Travels!




7 Responses to “A Bucket List For Travel Dating”

  1. mandy says:

    first of all, dolphins are not fish. second, ‘fishes’ is not a word. it is ‘fish’ both in singular and plural. sorreh, word police.

  2. Ken says:

    What about being at Trevi Fountain in Rome at midnight? What about being in London watching the marathon race near Buckingham palace? What about being in Paris admiring the Eiffel Tower at night with blinking lights? I have done all three of these just in the last two months with members from this site? Next adventure will be enjoying Lake Como Italy from the fantastic Belvedere Hotel in Bellagio Italy followed by being seaside in Barcelona. I am always seeking a travel companion. My profile name is iamthetravelinman.

  3. gerard says:

    a little anal, are we Mandy?

  4. gerard says:

    any one want to go on a med cruise rome to egypt..2 weeks

  5. Grace says:

    Skydiving is definitely on my bucket list (even though the thought of it terrifies me)

    I am interested in your cruise Gerard.My profile name is lacie8

  6. iyamarieph says:

    nice nice ,,swim with fish ,helmet diving could be nice too

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