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8 Guest Houses in Palawan for Couples to Escape To
  • Posted Oct 19, 2016
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When you’re planning a getaway with your significant other, you’ll always want to plan for the best. This means a flawless vacation experience that you would want to look back on.

Holiday trips are meaningful events, especially for couples. These are major occasions noted down on their timetables, therefore, they only want the perfect getaways. There are certain things that couples consider in their vacations. They make sure that the location, weather, food, and their accommodations are on point.

Palawan, being the most sought-after travel destination for couples in the Philippines, does not only grant the finest views and excellent adventures but the best guest houses as well. Get the comfort during your stay with these 8 guest houses for couples to escape to in Palawan.

  1. Miniloc Island Resort


Considered as one of the best hotel gems in the island, Miniloc Island Resort is a paradise within a paradise. The resort is set on the beautiful island of Miniloc in El Nido, Palawan. The location provides astonishing views of the open sea and the pristine shorelines of the island that you and your dearest will enjoy. The thick green forests and rugged mountains give the resort a genuine tropical atmosphere.

  1. Tapik Beach Park Guest House


Tapik Beach Park Guest House is another great getaway resort that makes you feel like you’re home. The location is situated within a secluded fishing village in El Nido. This unique guest house may not be for an average traveler considering its basic facilities, but if you and your beloved want to have some peaceful time in seclusion, then this getaway destination is for you.

  1. Santeria Guest House


Santeria Guest House is a cozy inn positioned in El Nido, Palawan. Set in an ambient, tropical location overlooking the open sea and the mountainous wilderness of the island, it is perfect for couples who would love to embrace life’s simplicity during their vacation. If you wish to: (a) get away from the noisy crowd; and (b) have a peaceful retreat in Palawan, the Santeria Guest House is a great choice.

  1. Apulit Island Resort

Apulit Island Resort is a getaway destination that will make you and your special someone feel like royalty. It is an eco-adventure resort located at Taytay Bay, northeast of Palawan. It provides finely polished water cottages that embody both contemporary and local architecture. These beautifully-crafted dwellings grant an unobstructed view of the gorgeous Taytay Bay.

  1. Huma Island Resort


A paradise getaway in the middle of the sea: that’s what Huma Island Resort is. The place has spacious water beach villas that provide a relaxing sight of the sea. They are designed for extreme comfort and built in contemporary architectural styles, which adds to the luxurious island ambience. Huma Island Resort is the go-to destination for couples who seek a first-rate luxury hideaway.

  1. Cliffside Cottages, Miniloc Island Resort


These Cliff Cottages are ideal guest houses for people, especially couples, who desire panoramic views. They are erected, as the name obviously suggests, along the cliffside, thereby granting an overlooking scenery of the resort and Bacuit Bay. The place is relatively noiseless and peaceful, making it a perfect area to unwind after a long day of adventure. The Cliffside Cottages at Miniloc Resort also embrace both minimalism and comfort.

  1. The Funny Lion, Coron

The Funny Lion Resort in Coron is your contemporary boutique resort in Palawan. The place features modern amenities suited for couples who would want to experience fun and luxury during their stay. The resort offers a stunning view of the virgin mangroves and kayak trails of the island. The hotel is equipped with a rooftop bar and Jacuzzi, perfect for those late afternoon relaxing sessions.

  1. Pangulasian Island Resort


Pangulasian Island Resort is an eco-luxury resort in Bacuit Bay. It is situated in the pristine coastlines of El Nido, Palawan with thick tropical forests as its backdrop. It is famously referred to as the “Island of the Sun” because of its captivating display of both the sunrise and sunsets in the island. The resort exhibits both modern style and elegant local designs that couples will surely love.

These 8 guest houses in Palawan offer diversity of style and comfort.  They have their distinctive themes and ambiances from which couples could choose their preferences. Granted, they may hold different moods and designs, but in the end, they all wish to provide every traveler and their significant other the best experience that they could have whilst visiting this island paradise in the Philippines.

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