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5 Must See Destinations with Ancient Traces in South India
  • Posted May 16, 2017
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Everyone’s idea of a trip is different.  While some are interested in visiting nature spots, others are interested in places that are filled with architecture, culture and history. Most of these are historic places can be found all over India and have many ancient trace. Some of the marvelous structures are in shards today but small trails are still visible and these do attract the history buffs to them. Some erstwhile edifices still stand tall and welcome the visitor to explore the areas. South India, as a region, is not an exception to this and has several places of historical importance. Let us find out some of these places that are rich with the remnants of the past.  

1. Bagalkot

This district is not only perfect for a history buff but also an architecture enthusiast’s delight. A number of temples that date back from 5th century to 9th century built with rock architecture are lined up here. For example, Durga Temple, Meguti Temple and so on in Aihole, Virupaksha and Mallikarjuna Temple et al at Pattadakkal and temple caves at Badami. Most of these are built with a distinct Chalukya Architecture and a few with a Nagara Architecture. The inscriptions on the walls narrate the tales of the rulers of this area.

2. Thanjavur


This district home to architectural wonders can give you a peek into glorious times of the past. The Brihadeeswar Temple and the Royal Palace Museums are good examples. This is where several art forms flourished like the famous Tanjore Paintings and the Bhartanatyam Dance. While traveling to Thanjavur,  you can also visit the nearby towns and get a glimpse of the distinct architecture of the Cholas, the Adikumbeswarar Temple and Nageswarar Temple in Kumbakonam, and Gangaikondan Temple and the Chola Palace in Cholapuram.

3. Kochi

This city has a prominent place on the world map. Following the spice trail several seafarers like Dutch, Portuguese, Arabs, Jews and so on landed in this city and have left their impressions here. The city of Kochi has witnessed foreign rule from 15th century and changed hands from Dutch to Portuguese to British. The museums like The Folklore museum, Indo Portuguese Museum, and the Hill Palace Museum give evidences of the yesteryear rule here. Visiting the Mattancherry Palace, St Francis Church, Jewish Synagogue, Ponnani Jumma Masjid, and Vallarpadam Church are also pointers to the ancient designs used in their construction.

4. Kurnool

The chronicles of the past lead us to various spots in this district. Rock sites and caves at Ketavaram illustrate the 7000-year-old civilization and culture. Jurreru Valley, Yaganti and Katavani Kunta are home to some rock paintings dated from 35,000 to 40,000 ago. The Orvakal Rock Gardens houses a cave museum which you should must visit on your trip to Kurnool. Relics of Jain and Buddhist monks found here indicates about their occupation here.
The 1500-year-Old Mahanandeswara Temple at Mahanandi, Mallikarjuna Temple at Srisailam, Ahobilam Temple, inscriptions at the ruins of Konda Reddy illustrate the glory of the medieval times. Well connected by air train and road reaching here is easy.

5. Khammam

The rock paintings dating to the prehistoric age found Near Lankapally and Neeladrikonda evinces the existence of Palaeolithic Man in this district. Skeletal and pottery vestiges at the megalithic site like Padugonigudem and Kistapuram will surely interest the history lovers. Bronze idol, terracotta figurines, mahastupa and cisterns dating back to the 4th century were dug up at sites like Mudigonda and Karukonda near here. Legends surrounding Keechaka Gundam and Virataraju Dibba leading to the Mahabharata Era have been authenticated by the discovery of the archaeological remains here, so you should must visit these places on your trip to Khammam.


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