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5 Great Couples’ Outings In The UK
  • Posted Dec 15, 2015
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It may not often make it onto lists of the most exotic or unorthodox travel destinations, but the UK has a great deal to offer for the active traveler. It has cities and beaches, picturesque countryside and villages plucked out of a previous chapter of history, and enough specific events and attractions to make a tourist’s head spin. And yet, none of it feels overwhelming. There’s a natural, understated quality to the UK that makes traveling there a perfect treat and a nice opportunity for you to go at your own pace.

If any of that sounds appealing, you may want to go ahead and work the UK into your future travel plans. And to be sure, there will be plenty to go over in terms of what you want to see and do. But in the meantime, here are a few brilliant occasions and attractions for a couple to enjoy throughout the UK.


Visit The Eden Project

The Eden Project is one of the more striking sights in Europe these days, and it’s not what you’re expecting if you visit the UK. List25’s rundown of UK attractions described it as a place to see creative and stunning gardens, different artworks, and even various concerts and events. But more specifically, the Eden Project is a massive cluster of highly functional greenhouses presented almost like a sustainability theme park. It’s a fascinating place to tour and enjoy events (not to mention natural beauty), and it’s also a great excuse to get to the Cornwall region of the country, where some of the most picturesque beaches and castle ruins reside.

Take The Warner Bros. Studio Tour

It basically goes without saying that you’ll do some sightseeing while in London, and it’s a wonderful city for it because so many of the iconic monuments and buildings are in the same general area. But if you’re looking for a more unique outing, take the Warner Bros. Studio Tour to see the sets and background for the Harry Potter films. It truly is a magical experience for fans of any age, and it gives you an idea of just how much detail and creativity went into the project. Plus, you can enjoy a few unique thrills like sampling Butterbeer together near the Great Hall!


Cruise The Thames

For another unique way to enjoy London, you may want to consider a cruise down the River Thames instead of a traditional walking tour.

An article at VisitLondon refers to the river cruises as a great way to see London from a different perspective, and that’s exactly what you’ll enjoy as you drift past landmarks like the Tower of London and Houses of Parliament on one of the world’s most famous rivers. This can be a very romantic option for vacationing couples.

Attend The Grand National

If you’re simply looking for a fun time, you can’t do much better than one of the UK’s major spring horse races, which always draw enthusiastic and fun-loving crowds. The Grand National page at Betfair describes this particular event as the biggest race in British jumps, and that definitely makes it the one to aim for if you’re planning a vacation. But it’s not all about the quality of the race! At the Grand National, you’ll find fully engaged spectators betting on races, enjoying wonderful food and drink in between contests, and above all else dressing for the occasion. It’s almost like attending a grand outdoor ball where the only goal is to have as much fun as possible.


Hike Hadrian’s Wall

If you and your partner are more interested in adventurous travel, there are plenty of incredible hiking options throughout the UK. The Lakes District and the Cotswolds in particular tend to be favorite destinations. But hiking Hadrian’s Wall in the north of England makes for a pretty unforgettable experience. The wall itself is rather unremarkable (aside from its length and age, of course), but the country around it is beautifully vast. Also, you can enjoy various Roman museums and even the ruins of old forts along the way. For those who are interested in this type of travel, you can stretch it out over a few days and stay in any of the numerous villages and bed and breakfast locations along the wall.

Options for what to see and do in the UK extend beyond these five suggestions. But for a couple traveling to the area for the first time, this should offer a nice variety to start with.


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