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These are the 2016 Sexiest Nationalities!
  • Posted Jun 20, 2016
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Men in the United States are no longer looking to cross the pond for a sexy date! MissTravel has released results from the 2016 Sexiest Nationalities survey and the members have spoken.

From music to the runways, fair-skinned celebs have slowly swayed the tastes of Americans. U.S. bred starlets like Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid have garnered national attention, all while subtly catching the eye of single men across the country. That’s not to say foreign beauties aren’t commanding attention – Armenian women like the Kardashian sisters placed second on the 2016 list. The women’s list rounded out with exotic mentions of Colombian, Filipina, Bajan, among others.

Sexiest Nationalities for Women: Based on Dating Preferences of 41,643 American Men

  1. American

  2. Armenian

  3. Canadian

  4. Cuban

  5. Colombian

  6. Filipina

  7. Barbadian/Bajan

  8. Australian

  9. English

  10. Italian

Women will have to venture to Canada to score a first date with their ideal man. Canuck men have been deemed the sexiest; perhaps due to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s playful demeanor or, in contrast, Justin Bieber’s bad-boy antics.

Sexiest Nationalities for Men: Based on Dating Preferences of 49,518 American Women

  1. Canadian

  2. American

  3. Australian

  4. Italian

  5. Spanish

  6. Korean

  7. Irish

  8. Chilean

  9. English

  10. Pakistani

What Nationality do you think is the sexiest?

5 Responses to “These are the 2016 Sexiest Nationalities!”

  1. Rosana says:

    Sexiest women are Filipinos
    Sexiest men are Americans and followed by French
    But of course, I was born in the Philippines and spend most of my adult life are in England

  2. azria says:

    Bajan here- of course we made the list haha..

  3. Me says:

    Armenians??? Is it what, based on Kardashian’s brain wash??? Never heart that before! Same as the Korean men! Haha:))))

  4. Akt says:

    Pakistanis lol Americans only saw Zayn Malik and conclude that pakis are hot, I guess they haven’t seen Hritik Roshan yet

    Secondly I can show you hotter men and women in Delhi itself

    • Saif Malik says:

      Hrithik Roshan the plastic baby doll lol
      What will you bring against Fawad Khan, Hamza Ali Abbasi and other well known Pakistani handsome actors.

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