TravelMan58 (Generous Male)

Funny, Lots of Heart...and Magic Hands!

Personal Info

  • Age: 55 (Cancer)
  • Body Type: Athletic
  • Height: 6'3" (191cm)
  • Hair / Eyes: Other / Blue
  • Education: Bachelors Degree
  • Children: No Children
  • Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
  • Religion: Other Religion
  • Smoking: Non-Smoker
  • Drinking: Social Drinker

More Information

  • Occupation: Entertainer/Businesssman
  • Income: Prefer Not To Say
  • Net Worth: Prefer Not To Say
  • Looking To Meet: Women

I'm From: Charlotte, North Carolina, US

Will Come To Your Town Will Travel with You

Places I want to travel to:

Pest, Hungary Yenisahra, Turkey Vancouver, Canada Buenos Aires, Argentina London, United Kingdom Paris, France Madrid, Spain New York City, United States

A little bit about myself:

Hello to all you beautiful women...whether your beauty is on the outside or on the inside! Thanks for looking at my profile.

I’ve been told that I am rather unique...but, as you can see, I am not “hot.” However, I am also not a sucker. If you are looking for someone to “lavish” you with expensive gifts, you should pass on me. I wish you well in your endeavors, though.

I am not being judgmental of Sugar Babies, since I am sure you are ALL wonderful and honest is just not my style of woman.

I do have enough money to take an appreciative young woman on exciting trips, although I really do not like to stay in giant, pretentious, boring resorts. I’ve been there…done that…BORING!

I like to get down with the real people of the places I am visiting. I like small boutique hotels where we can just walk right out the front door and be in the middle of all the action. I can also be convinced to go camping, if you are into that.

If you are a “pampered princess” you should probably look for someone else. Good luck with that, since there are MANY women on this site who want to go „shopping!“

However, if you do not need material things to define your self-worth as a person, then you are my type of gal.

I am a professional entertainer, and I will make you LAUGH quite a bit. It is important that you have a good laugh! If laughter is important to you, then we are a good match.

I also have great it would be good if you have appreciative shoulders...just in case you would like a shoulder massage! For one of my 'super-duper foot massages' I may have to charge you. :)

I am athletic (mostly playing basketball and working out) and I know my way around a great restaurant, museum, symphony concert...or a horse racetrack.

I have lived in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston...and now Charlotte. I guess that makes me a big-city guy--who definitely has street smarts. (Scammer alert: stay away from me if you are a hustler!)

However, even though I am a big-city guy, I do enjoy outdoors activities...especially if they include hiking in the mountains. I like the winding, curvy, up-and-down...rather than the boring, plain, straight and flat.

I like cooking, dancing, playing basketball, eating lobster, photography, writing, singing, watching great movies, Ray Charles, Jimi Hendrix, LMFAO, Sean Paul, Fine Young Cannibals, Gangnam Style, Ella Fitzgerald, Movin’ Like Bernie, and---most of all--women who will laugh at 92% of my jokes!

Younger women seem to be attracted to me when I perform. It must be that “cool bald doofus” style that they find so appealing. When I go dancing, the young women come up to me to ask to dance...and I don't even step on their toes on the dance floor.

If I sent you a Wink or a Favorite please do not be offended if I do not measure up to your expectations. I sent you the attention because I was attracted to your photos AND your profile. It means I think you have the INNER QUALITIES that distinguish the „real women“ from the “Aren't I great?” women.

If you ARE a real woman, you will be smiling as you read this, because you will know what I mean.

Yes…you may be younger than me, but I can make up for that by being emotionally immature—or very outlandish. How many men have ever stood up in a restaurant and sang a song to you in front of all the other customers?

I will most likely send you a message if I see any indication from you that you are interested in hearing from me. A Wink is nice...but a Favorite will show a stronger interest--just in case you want to show a stronger interest.

If I don’t return your Wink or Favorite, it just means that I am not getting the feeling that we will hit it off. I apologize, in advance, if that is what happens. It is probably my loss if I don’t connect with you.

Only good energy to all!

Why I want to travel:

I am seeking a woman who is full of LIFE.

If you have a great body...Congratulations! Now, please tell me why I should spend several days (or two weeks) with you--other than your great body.

I am looking for someone who has real class and style...but not in the fashion sense of style. I am talking about personal style. If you have it, then you know what I am talking about.

Someone who knows how to act appropriately in nice restaurants, hotels and social situations. A woman who is very polite to others...even if it is just the maid who cleans the room.

Someone who is interested in dancing, architecture, museums, rivers, lakes, mountains, eating great ethnic foods, and--I'll say it again--dancing.

I am not really attracted to “shoppers” or “drama divas” whose main priority is jewelry, shoes and clothes. I am attracted to someone who is excited by the thrill of travel, not the materialism of possessions.

I am much more attracted to a woman who is happy with a silk scarf and a big ice cream long as she is in an exotic location.

If you are a “shopper” please pass on me. If you are a “laugher” please give me a Wink or Favorite me.

I would like to travel to Argentina, Ecuador, The Pacific Northwest, Eastern Europe, Istanbul, Paris, Tuscany, London, Barcelona, Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino...and maybe some places I've never heard of.

Have you gotten any real, legitimate offers yet? My offer is real, so please hit that Favorite button.