SugarMistress (Attractive Female)

Sugar Mistress: Travel Addict ;)

Personal Info

  • Age: 31 (Sagittarius)
  • Body Type: Athletic
  • Height: 5'8" (173cm)
  • Hair / Eyes: Light Brown / Brown
  • Education: Some College
  • Children: No Children
  • Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
  • Religion: Other Religion
  • Smoking: Light Smoker
  • Drinking: Social Drinker

More Information

  • Occupation: self employed Artist
  • Income: US$50.001 - $60.000
  • Net Worth: Prefer Not To Say
  • Looking To Meet: Men and Women

I'm From: Manchester, England - Greater Manchester, GB

Will Show You Her Town Will Fly to Your Town Will Travel with You

A little bit about myself:

Hello and welcome to my profile. My name is *Jenna and I appreciate your time.

I am a self representing artist from the UK and the opportunity for creating new pieces of art work whilst travelling.
I would be very interested in taking in the sights and sounds of new places to create some truly unique art work for the future.

My generous yet firm feminine silhouette hosts my natual 34 F curves whilst my intoxicating brown eyes flash honesty and mistique. My luxuriously soft brunette hair compliments my defined cheekbones and accentuates my addicting smile. I am full bodied and at 5'8 my toned, satin soft legs appear to go on forever!

A warm, unique experience awaits you. Until the moment we meet with anticipation, I offer you sweet, suggestive semantics.
Words do not contain meanings, yet the meanings are not found within words. Appealing as my profile name may be, as you will soon discover the true meaning lies within the owner who commands the words.
In this instance I am the owner of these words; offering to you an exclusive vision of my pragmatic perfection.
This isn't something that I have followed as a 'trend' it is my own creation, my own passion and my own unique style.
And, after all trends do tend to pass swiftly, leaving us only but to learn from those new people we pick up along the way.

Unlike most of my peers I chose not to study a degree. At a time when others were considering which University they wished to attend, I was touring America with a professional women’s choir. I would like to study Law, Art and Psychology at degree level for enjoyment and self-improvement as opposed to a change of career path or a desire to be accepted on some level. I have 4 A levels, a teaching qualification, various in depth training and knowledge and a magnitude of life experience that is something money cannot buy ;)
I did not wish to be praised for achieving a place in a lifestyle category; my self-deprecating humour simply would not allow it. ;)
I was never fixated on one path I wished to excel in; I was only ever compelled to succeed. I possess a diverse and charming collection of skills of which I have finely tuned whilst maintaining my true self.
I enjoy reading. I mean that in the truest sense of the statement. I take pleasure in both fiction and non-fiction; however the latter is my preference. I appreciate art history, Poetry, philosophy, Law and esoteric materials.
For me, it would be an insult to Wagner not to follow the score to his ‘Prelude to Tristan und Isolde’ and fully appreciate his sumptuous orchestration and rhythmic augmentation. On the other hand Gibran requires focussed meditation to fully digest his work.

Some of my interests include but are not limited to:
Creative: Art & Design, Song writing, Photography, Dance
Music: Country, Classical, Flute, Orcharina
Spiritual: Meditation, Healing, Esoteric, Abraham-Hicks
Pampering:Spa Treatments, Accupuncture, Candlelit dinners
Travel: Egyptian History, Egyptian Arabic, Cezar manrique
Current Involvements: Ski-ing, Stock Market, Animal rescue, Arabic, Gardening, Sky Diving,

I prefer to consider the facets of my personality individually as I am not everything that makes me who I am all at one time; an example being that I am never found in latex whilst at a family dinner.
I am a whole, wise woman, confident in myself and I seek to bring inspiration, serenity and integrity to those select individuals of whom I choose to engage my time with.

For me life is a journey and I choose to embrace opportunities I feel will enhance and increase my understanding of human nature and life’s purpose.

*For my security this is merely a usename and my details can be provided in due course when we are better aquainted

Why I want to travel:

I prefer to be pampered when travelling so in the spirit of being camping or hostels for me!

I am looking for affluent gentlemen who can introduce me to new experiences and opportunities.

I am flexible when it comes to meeting dates, times and destination as I work for myself. please offer a different meeting date if I suggest one that isnt compatible for you x

For me to travel to you I will require an open return flight and a hotel for at least my initial night for safety, security and to ensure that should we not be compatible or you are unhappy in some way that I am not stranded or unsafe.

I am a whole, wise woman and I am not about to start taking chances with my livelihood when it would be unneccessary to do so. I am not offering a green card despite some of you asking me to.

In order to secure complete transparancy I am writing this and if you are genuinely interested in meeting me and/or having me travel to see you then I do not see my flight and hotel request as too much to ask as after all I will be a female in a foreign country/town potentially and I expect your respect