SmileyBBW (Attractive Female)

SmileyBBW looking for someone special

Personal Info

  • Age: 36 (Leo)
  • Body Type: Full / Overweight
  • Height: 6'0" (183cm)
  • Hair / Eyes: Dark Brown / Green
  • Education: Associates Degree
  • Children: 2 Children
  • Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
  • Religion: Christian (Protestant)
  • Smoking: Non-Smoker
  • Drinking: Social Drinker

More Information

  • Occupation: Projects / Contracts
  • Income: Prefer Not To Say
  • Net Worth: Prefer Not To Say
  • Looking To Meet: Men

I'm From: Perth, Western Australia, AU

Will Show You Her Town Will Fly to Your Town Will Travel with You

A little bit about myself:

If your looking for play time or a one night stand don't look here. I'm worth way more than that. Its Time for some respect to be shown and time to be spent getting to know me.
I'm a like me or lump it type person. :) had no compliants yet

Do u like to come up behind a woman and embrace her whole body as she is standing there full clothed, engulf her with your body… Put your hands all over her and kiss her neck and lips. Make her melt with your touch.

I am a sexy, confident, tall, intelligent woman who knows what to treasure in life.
I also work away in the mining industry and love the opportunities it brings to my life. Saying that when considering contacting me know that I have lots of fun talking when away and I go away to work hard so I can come home and play hard. Well actually come home rest relax and have a giggle

Make me smile, I dare you!

I am fairly out going,friendly gal,loved by most & cherished by some.

Are you up for it?

Physical Characteristics, bust 66 (inches that is — yes more than two glorious handfuls each) waist 40 something, hips 50. so I am a big gal, I love me, & enjoy my body(but its hard work doing it all by myself, help me!)

Character described to me as hard nut to crack but taste marsh mellow inside… This was a business colleague who worked along side me for ten years… knows I can be tough when need to be but giving and nurturing to those close to me…

Seriously though, there is more to me than breasts & hips, I have a smile that gets me into trouble, apparently its cheeky & mischievous. Eyes that change in the light from green to brown, a mind that needs to be fed with intellect.

Why I want to travel:

Looking for the man ,who can stand tall & is handsome (in my eyes) with long arms to cuddle me. Kind smile and eyes. A romantic gesture and public affection goes along way with me…

Someone that is patient and secure in themselves when I go away to work this Isnt an issue. Someone who appreciates the plus size girl and all the bonuses to being with a bbw

But most importantly someone that I can have a connection with. Its all about the kiss

Treat me like a lady, ill treat you like a king

If you want to get my attention be yourself and be nice.